Play Board Suggestion

By boardgamegeek2, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

A typical game with my wife might be as follows :

Me : Ok, it's my go now. It's the Kingdom phase and I on...<grab book, p14> reset resources. <fumbling with tokens>. Right now I<grab book, p14> Untap corruption on 1 unit. Now I can get my resources. Ok honey, you can take an action now.

Me : Right, Quest phase. <draws cards>. Ok honey, you can take an action now.

Me : Right, Capital Phase. <plays cards, etc>

Me : Now to Battlefield. I'm declaring these attackers and they are going to attack your Kingdom zone.

Me : Do you want to respond with an action ?

Her : No

Me : .....<grab book, p14> "Right, which defenders are you assigning ?"

Her : This one and this one.

Me : Ok... .....<grab book, p14>Ah, you've got another chance to play actions now. Do you want to ?

Her : No

Me : Okies, I'm assigning 3 damage to this one and 2 damage to that 1.

Her : Okies, I'll take them off.

Me : Nooooo ! .....<grab book, p14> Er, you get a chance to play actions again as do I.

Her : ok. plays a tactic card to save a defender.

Me : Okies, let's apply damage and remove the unit's that are killed, etc.

Her : Can I have a go now ?

Me : No. It says here : .....<grab book, p14> that you can play more actions again. Do you want to ?

Her : No.

Me : Right, end of turn.

Phew ! It's a long process of going through that phase. Stop, start, stop, start. Reach for the book to check we haven't missed anything.

I suspect we have the memories of goldfish, but since we are new to the game, we are paranoid about getting it wrong and missing a game-winning step.

Hence, a suggestion.

There is a honking great space on the oversized game board for each race.

Could the Turn Sequence on page 14 not have been printed on it to help noobies like us ? Yeah, I can scan it, resize it, and put it on myself, but I was just wondering if anyone else has game flow issues ?

They could have. I suspect they didn't to highlight the art.

I don't have those issues, I think by round 3 of my first game I had a pretty good idea of what went where. Essentially between every phase and every step of combat in the Battlefield Phase you have an opportunity for actions. Remembering that it is Kingdom: dump and then claim resources, Quest: Draw card, Capitol: deploy units, develop zones, and give support, and Battlefield: stomp your enemies isn't that hard. I suspect that it was more of dealing with all the additional possibilities the game offers that was really causing the confusion.