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has anyone got via a scan or something the scenario that comes with him, as i got a french one, no probs for the marker meanings etc but i would like to read the scenario at the back of his book............or even a spare book?

cheers guys

I've got the english version! However no scanner, so it would take quite a while to type up :(


argh now youre just teasing me, lol


Operation: Citizen Erased

Briefing: The explosion of the Tesla Super-generators destroyed the better part of the installation dedicated to the construction of the Zor'ka combat armour. The Svarog project has since been relocated to the Priory of Vetchorka to the north. The Black Angel has ordered that the Phantom Division be dispatched to the location of the Tesla disaster and, commanded by the "Steel Major," undertake a cleanup operation so none of the Tzarina's enemies can recover any of her secrets.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Game Mode: Special (The unique rules here replace the normal game mode rules. Ignore the normal procedure for making Setup rolls to place Objective Tokens. Unless otherwise mentioned, though, all other rules remain in effect.)

Setup: The Matriarchy player places Gorgei on the map as inidcated (Priory steps I think!) Then, he mixes the three bomb tokens and lays them facedown in front of him without looking at the numbers on them. The variant "Rush & Go" rules (found in Operation:Novgorod) are used to determine the entrance points for each player.

Special Rules: The Matriarchy player automatically wins initiative on the first turn, and Gorgei acts first. Gorgei (and only orgei) may, by using an Action Phase, plant a bomb on the map. Bombs may be placed on Action Circles, Objective Circles, or Entry Points. However, only a single bomb can be placed on any given circle, and further, only one bomb may be placed within the Priory area itself (see map). When a bomb is planted, the Matriarchy player chooses a Bomb Token at random and places it faceup on the selected circle. The number showing on its face is how many Game Turns (after the current turn) must elapse before the bomb explodes. for example, a bomb with the number "1" on it explodes at the end of the turn after it was planted. A character adjacent to a bomb may disarm or rearm it using and Action Phase. If a bomb is disarmed, it remains in place, but will not explode. If a bomb is rearmed after being disarmed, it begins its countdown again from the beginning, not from where it left off. a bomb cannot be planted, disarmed, or rearmed if an enemy character is adjacent to the bomb. When a bomb explodes, remove the token and roll one die. Divide the result by 2 and round up. This result is the blast radius of the bomb. All characters within that many circles of the bomb's detonation are slain, regardless of their equipment, and removed from the game board. (For example, a circle adjacent to teh Action Circle, Objective Circle, or Entry Point where the bomb was placed is one circle away.) If Gorgei is slain, the belt of explosives he carries detonates in the same manner as an exploding bomb. However, this explosion does not help fulfil the Matriarchy's Victory Conditions.

Victory Conditions: Gorgei Volkov's Matriarchy forces must destroy the Tesla Priory. The Matriarcy wins immediately if the third bomb Gorgei places explodes, or if the Matriarchy player kills all enemy characters. The enemy player wins by eliminating all Matriarchy characters or if, at any time, there are two defused bombs on the game board simultaneously.

PHEW!! Enjoy.

Do you need the challenges typing up also? If so let me know.


ah man, thats excellent, thank you loads,

the chalenges would be cool, but im not pushing my luck thanks for this mate happy.gif


I'll see...


Hi darknight,

Check out Tannbunker for the challenges! cool.gif


dude, thats cool of you thanks a lot