Dark Frontier Questions

By csroy, in Rogue Trader Gamemasters

Hi all,

My group and I are pondering about the option to run a Rogue Trader game as part of this pondering I've ran the Forsaken Bounty adventure and I am planning to finish of with Dark Frontier before we decide what to play.

Since I want to experience the whole of RT system I want to try out the space combat option (and luckily there is such an option in Dark Frontier). However, the stats for the Yu'vath void wasps is in the RT GM too, which is due to be release somewhere mid November if Amazon is right (btw let me just point out that it is very annoying to be referred to a book that has not been published yet sad.gif ). So I was wondering if anyone have the stats for these craft or if the fine boys of FFG are willing to release these stats before my session this week.

I had some other questions about the adventure - as far as I could understand all vessels in the system are held in place (it is mentioned that Lynara's ship is in range of the Void wasps but that she is unable to move the ship), if this is the case how can you have a space battle, the PC will not be able to move their own ship closer and if the wasps are mobile (as implied) they would turn Lynara's ship into molten slag easily.

One more question is Lynara's crew, the story mentioned there are two factions one numbering a few thousands and the other a hundred souls, my question is what happened to Lynara's crew? if she possess a Merchant Trader with a crew of 18000.



Sorry to getting to you so late. I have to say I noticed the same things you did when I read through the pre-game adventure.

Well I'm sure you know the real answer is ether they are dumb or lazy. Proof reading is something you learn in elementary school, you'd assume professionals paided to write would know this skill.

Well, obviously a large scale battle using the ships in the book can't be used. However in my game my Explorer's had Martek (with some player help) reconstruct his small fleet of small scavenger ships into combat fighters. This fighter flortilla and Lynara's ship gave the Explorers a chance to run the blockade to the stars surface. It was some fun roleplaying and gave me a chance to put some mutants crews to use as Void Wasp target practice.

As for the Brotherhood only have a hundred followers. I assumed that Lynara's crew were dead from years of life in such a horrible place and what survivors were part of Martek's Survivors. In my game my Explorers had to ferry part of their gunnery crew (numbering in the hundreds) over to the Penance of Iocanthos. They did this by using Martek's scavenging ships.

Now that I notice both ways that I fixed the game made Martek more use full and more of a need to the Explorers. Lucky for me they connected quickly with the Brotherhood as the RT was playing a religious leader.