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By RhinoBarbarian, in CoC Rules Discussion

This may seem like a very stupid question, but I just started playing Call of Cthulhu so I don't know much aout the rules and stuff yet.

Anyway, in the rulebook that comes with the coreset, it says to put two faction cards together to make one deck. So my question is, when I eventually start to build my own decks from the ground up, do I have to have two factions in it? Can it be more then two or maybe even just have one faction?

Decks can be made of as many, few, or no factions (though I don't recommend a neutral only deck) of any combination you like.

yes you can use a mono deck, or as many factions as you want, for a good running deck though 2 is great, 3 is passable depending how you sort the cards, but i wouldnt go 4 or more

Technically, it is possible (with CCG cards only) to make a not-too-bad 'Rainbow' deck with all or most factions (up to 7 factions plus neutrals). When the relevant cards first came out the 'Rainbow' deck was actually the one to beat, but since it was so powerful the mechanics were nerfed by errata.

Definitely go with two factions for a well-balanced deck. Three if you really know what you're doing and absolutely need all those factions' mechanics, and mono-faction likewise (e.g. you want to play lots of Behind the Pallid Mask or similar).

I think it's also quite possible to put together a halfway-decent Neutral-only LCG deck - this was posted quite a while ago so I haven't updated it with options from the last few Asylum Packs.

8x AMM F16 Alaskan Sledge Dog
3x ATT F76 Clever Zoog
3x CS F152 Dabbler in the Unknown
3x ATT F75 Descendant of Eibon, Master of the Black Arts
3x ASL F17 •Julia Brown, Insomniac
3x ATS F97 Obsessive Inmate
3x CS F145 Overzealous Initiate
3x ATT F77 Struggling Artist
3x AAD F57 The Cornered Man, "Like an Animal"
3x CS F144 Political Demonstration
2x ATT F79 Stealing the Glory
2x ATS F99 The Spawn of Madness
2x ATT F78 Total Eclipse
2x CS F146 Arkham Asylum
2x CS F153 Gentleman's Club
3x ATS F98 Parallel Universe
2x AAD F58 Secret Stiletto

Total 50

Muzar_Nulus said:

8x AMM F16 Alaskan Sledge Dog

I'm sorry if I'm wrong but in the rules in the core set I found a rule, which says that you can't have more than 3 cards that are the same, so how can You have 8 Alaskan Dogs?

Because the card " Alaskan Sledge Dog" says you can have 8 copies of this card in your deck .

you will find a few cards that allow you to have more than the standard amount, like horrors