FFG at Essen 2009 : What was going on with the stall ?

By boardgamegeek2, in The Crystal Ball and The Wishing Well

I cannot find another suitable area to post this, so here goes.

The FFG stall at this year's Essen Spiel was considerably disappointing for the average visitor like me for a number of reasons.

1. Trying to find the stall was an adventure in itself. There were no massive banners suspended from the roof above the stall, proudly proclaiming "FFG" and making it easy to find.

2. When I resorted to using the show maps, I found the rough area where the stall should have been, but again, it was not clearly marked, and I walked past it 3 times.

3. I wanted to play some games, but all I could find was a large area taken up by Heidelberger (who I have never heard of). I later learned that this area was adjacent to the FFG stall.

4. After I did find the stall, I was shocked at how small it was. I was expecting to see a mouth-watering display of all FFG games on offer, and to purchase. Instead, it looked a bit like an almost empty supermarket shelf with a few boxes on it. Not the grandiose display that I expected.

5. After getting a FFG bag to carry my copy of Warhammer : Invasion, and then walking around the rest of the show, I was stopped over a dozen times by other folks asking "Were on earth are FFG ? We have been to their hall location and cannot find them".

For a good example of a decent stall layout, the like of which I expected FFG to have, the Rio Grande Games area was perfect. Clearly marked, tons of tables, clear signage, games on display, and even themed nicely for Tobago and Dominion : Seaside.

The FFG stall was more like a street market stall unloaded off the back of a lorry, hastily thrown together (and it showed), and very disappointing to visit.

Must try harded next year !