Dwarven Development Deck

By Adam Marshall, in Warhammer Invasion Deck Building

Does anybody else see the potential in developing a Dwarf deck around developments? It seems like all of these cards have the potential to work well together towards that end:

Ironbreakers of Ankhor

Forgotten Cemetery


Troll Slayers

Wake the Mountain

...and a few others (sadly, I don't have my cards with me to reference)

Throw in a few Contested Fortresses and Keystone Forges, and you've got the ability to (1) consistently give your zones more HP with developments, (2) reenforce those increased HPs with damage-removal, and (3) utilize units and support cards that benefit from the developments in play.

What do you guys think?

Adam Marshall said:

...and a few others (sadly, I don't have my cards with me to reference)

Dwarf Masons was one of the others.

Good idea. I think it may be tricky to play but it does seem like a really good way of beating some of the decks I've been seeing, if you can manage it correctly.

It can be tricky, for sure; I played a dumbed-down version of it against a buddy of mine yesterday, 2 games; I won 1, he won 1. I think it needs to be combined with some empire cards (City Gates!) to maximize its effectiveness.

I'd recommend running Keystone Forge and Contested Fortress both x3. This should let you turtle very effectively while you get your forces into play.

If you are reling heavyily on developments "city gates" could be an option, even if you dont choose other empire cards.

And for a online card reference jsut look at my signatures link ;)