Epic play?

By rapatpamp, in Battlelore

I have ordered a copy of Battlelore but havent recieved it yet so havent read the rules but was wondering what I would need for epic play? (as in: 2 cpoies of battlelore , and 2 of each expansion I want to use?) Thanks for any help gran_risa.gif

P.S. FFG REPRINTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!! corazon_roto.gif

For the epic adventures included in the epic expansions you only need the one base set of the game and a second game board. If you want to play the "Reluctant Allies" variant you will need to full base games or possibly use tokens to make one set work. I am really excited to try Reluctant Allies, the main epic one is not that amazing as it is basically a two player game with less control...could be ok, but seems a bit weak in the times I have played it.