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Hi all,

Picked up W:I at Essen Spiel 2009 and had a few games in the hotel with my wife (Jenkins ! Stop sniggering at the back)

She played the standard Empire deck, and I played the standard Chaos deck.

Things were going well for Chaos, until Johannes Broheim turned up to spoil the party.

Her Turn went like this.

Kingdom Phase : Start of : Johannes sitting in KZ, so she gets 3+1 power resources.

Kingdom Phase :End of: Johannes is "moved" to the QZ

Quest Phase : Start of : Johannes sitting in QZ, so she gets 1+1 Draws from her Deck

Quest Phase : End of : Johannes is "moved" to the BZ

Captial Phase : She plays some cards, pays the costs, etc.

Battlefield Phase : Johannes attacks my undefended KZ. Wall takes 1 point.

Battlefield Phase : : End of : Johannes is "moved" back to her KZ.

My question is : Is this the correct play of Johannes Broheim ? It does seems rather good !

Oh and when it says "Limit one Hero per Zone", I assumed that means for her. Eg, she can send in Johannes to attack one of my Heros (thereby making it 2 Heroes in that zone) and that's ok. She just cannot have Johannes in one of her own zones with another of her own heroes ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you are correct on all counts. Also, your interpretation of Heroes per zone is correct. And, yes, Johannes is good that way.

In addition, she could have even moved him during your turn at the end of each phase. The wording on the card does not preclude that.

Crikey, I didn't realise that she could have moved him during the end of my phases of well !

That's a good card !

Thanks for your reply

FWIW, I think Johannes will see less usage as the game develops. In order to do the bouncing with him you can't have any other heroes in play. For now, that's not such an issue - the only other Empire hero is pretty temporary, and honestly not spectacular, so will likely bow out in favor of Johannes. But that isn't likely to hold once the Empire gets a few more heroes.

I could bounce him only between kingdom and questzone, if I want to have another hero in battlefield.

Oh, certainly - but then that also means no Hero in one or the other of those zones, for defensive purposes.

Just saying that I think a lot of his power comes because there isn't much variety/selection of heroes at the moment, so the idea of not having other ones out isn't a great loss. Later, though, his "One of Everything" use will mean giving up potential heroes, and it's not nearly as attractive an ability at that point.

pumped by the shrine to taal he becomes an absolute beast. some decks will still run him.

If they put out some great support cards to attach to him, expect to see him regularly. A Voltron Johannes would be fearsome.

Shrine of Taal and I believe he is also a good card if you have Great Swords in the Battlefield.

Fletchgrooves said:

Shrine of Taal and I believe he is also a good card if you have Great Swords in the Battlefield.

Johannes + Pistoliers (takes resources) + that Shallya card, boost to Greatswords to really nice Power levels. Actually, that has been the main source of Empire damage dealing in the games so far. Empire has struggled to deal damage overall, Thyrus can net you quick few points, but he'll be gone soon.