Combat/Command Bridge

By alexkilcoyne, in Rogue Trader House Rules

Simply put, we couldn't decide between the two so we attempted to have them both- basically our group heavily invested into a huge, very advanced bridge bridge.

Advanced Combat/Command Bridge

Stats- 3 space, 2 power, 2 ship points (adding the two together is 2/2/2, so we paid extra in space to have a bridge that could do both)

+10% tech use

+5% ballistic skill tests

+5% command

I allow for redundant components, though the players will have to spend a combat turn to switch between them (which includes physical travel time, rerouting power and access privileges and so on). This especially makes sense for bridges, life sustainers and other rather vital parts, especially if you've got the room to spare and expect to see heavy combat.

I like it.

This was one of the many examples of why typos aren't acceptable.

I actually just had the armored bridge as an upgrade to any other bridge.