Dr. No's Store Championship - Atlanta, GA. November, 7th

By ShippuJinrai, in UFS Fan Announcements

Hey guys. We will be running our standard store championship on Saturday, November 7th at the shop. Here is the nitty gritty:

What: Dr. No's Store Championship (AKA The Awakenz is Stupid Because Kilik is Broken Open Championship)

Where : Dr. No's Comics and Games
3428 Canton Road, Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 422-4642

When: Registration will begin at 12:30. First round will begin PROMPTLY at 2:00. I know our group is lazy and such, but please be here on time guys.

Format : Standard Block 4 Constructed. Legal sets are Shadowar, SC4, and Tekken including all current legal promos. Current banned list in effect. 50 Minute Rounds. Best 2 out of 3. Minimum 3 rounds of Swiss with cut to top 4-8 depending on turn out.

Following Promos are not legal: Kisheri, Ancient Burial Site, Perfect Memory. Nobody should have these as they are not in support but they are not legal until everyone gets a shot at them.

Prizes: $5.00 entry fee gets you a pack and money thrown towards prize support. Top 8 will draft promos from current prize support. All top 8 participants will get a copy of Kilik. Winner receives pack prizes based on attendance. Further prizes to be determined once i see the contents of the kit.

Come on down, get hype, and take your shot at becomingthe champion at the biggest UFS hub in Georgia! I will be demoing the game as well so feel free to bring new players!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Get hype and see you in the arena!

You know my software concerns. Really dont feel like getting bumped based on my last name.
And yes I know the solution. Just dont loose.

Nfxon probably loses his first three rounds.

Just putting that out there.

I wish I could hit this event up but unfortunately I have to request my time off 30 days in advance.

Booger would you be able to attend if it was a little later or earlier?
And where are you coming from?
Maybe we can work something.

I'm about 30 minuets out of Valdosta GA. my job requires that I put in for vacation time 30 days in advance for scheduling purposes so the earliest I could attend would likely be within the first couple of weeks in December.