By bb1gun, in UFS Deck Building

a store i go to recently got me into the game, but all i have are demo decks and i currently have no money at all, would anybody be willing 2 make me a deck plz???

You can't ask the ones you're playing with for help? Maybe you can borrow some cards from them and so on?

they r selfish and they wont even let me borrow any of there stuff, so i gotta use a demo deck

So all you have is a demo deck? Or do you have other cards?

You can go to the FFG webstore and purchase a Fight Life kit. $50 for two booster boxes and 8 promos. Can't beat it.

This just sounds like someone mooching for free card. Go online. You can get a lot of good cards for cheap or buy in the shop. If your using a demo deck they don't care about if the cards are standard or legacy.

i dont have any money, i just got fired from my job and all my money went 2 my cell phone bill, so now my parents r paying 4 it

I would tell you get your life togther and then come back to the game. Its just a hobby. If the folks at the store don't want to support you then just leave the game for now.