The Adventure Game

By Old Dwarf, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st Edition)

It seems eventually FFG will release the promised Adventure Game covering AGoT world.I was very impressed with ME Quest & have even gone back & picked uo Rhunebound,so I like this type of game.

I think an Adventure Game set in the Westros would be a real winner & I hope they key the Heros to the Major Families.I also hope they include locations beyond the Wall.It will be nice to get something "new"in the AGoT line,aside from givings Dragons the Adventure Game should fill the bill.

Anyone else really interested in this Game?



MEQ is a new addition to my gaming group and we love it. Unfortunately we've only played MEQ a few times since we generally have more than 4 players. I'm hoping that a GoT Adventure Game will be playable with up to 5 players, if not more.

It would be nice if it handled 6 so each of the major factions could be represented(not that I could ever muster 6 players).It will be interesting to see if they have an active "Villain" like ME Quest or go the Runebound route.

I'm also wondering in what time frame it will be set in the Westros,I guess before the period the books start at,perhaps even when the Targaryen's still held the throne?Considering we still don't know where Martin is going with this (if he ever finishes llorando.gif ).


Martin better get moving! Now that he's got a TV show coming where each season is one book, that only buys him so much time before he'll have run out. Can he finish all of the books before the TV show catches up? Let's hope that even becomes a problem. happy.gif

What exactly is an adventure game compared to the other games ?

Maybe a card driven RPG, which includes events as much as items and some sort of Character enhancement. Maybe Arkham Horror would be an example.

Imho this could include interesting mechanics of alliances between characters by events, like the murders of R. or N. (you should have read at least the first book lengua.gif ). Otherwise what goals would be included to win? A fully cooperative game like AH should be impossible unless you concentrate on one faction. On the other hand aren't these clear at all in most cases along the original plot, which surely should be kept somehow authentic in a GOT adventure game.