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A friend and I just picked up a starter deck and are enjoying the game, but we have a couple questions.

1: Some of the cards seem to be 2 cards in 1 - are there any special rules for them, or do you just turn the card upside down when you play it and use the bottom part?

2: Adopted - My friend has this card called Adopted in his deck - is there any errata for this card? I ask, cause he plays N-Type Human to build up his momentum, then every time I play a card, uses his Adopted cards to make my cards fail, and jack his life back up to starting value - and my deck has nothing in it to stop it.

3: Is there a good place online to find UFS cards below retail price? I noticed Ebay has very little in the way of UFS.



Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy it.

To answer your questions:

1. "Double cards" These are what are called Split-cards. They are special in that they can play more that one role. When you go to play one, you choose which side of the card you want to play, and play it with that side up. For all intents and purposes, only that side exists when you play it. Take for example this card:


You will see that it has a foundation on the top, and an attack on the bottom. This means that you could play it as either a foundation, or an attack, but not both at the same time. There are some other rules interactions that deal with these cards, but that is the basics.

2. Adopted. This card, yes, is powerful. And no, there are no erratas to it. What you have to do against that type of card is either try to negate its life gain ability (there are quite a few cards that do this), or stop him from getting momentum. The easiest way to do that would probably be this card:


Which you could use after he uses N-Type Human.

3. The Terms of Use on this forum prevent us from point people to specific sites that sell cards. I will say that, yes, there are sites out there that sell individual cards, though FFG would rather you support any local brick and mortar store you have.

Again, welcome to the game, hope this answered your questions, and good luck!



How is he making your cards fail?

Adopted gives a check +X (PLUS X), in other words he's increasing your checks not decreasing them. ^^;

Hm. Missed that.

But, yeah, Tag is 100% right. Adopted increases the check you make, not the difficulty you are trying to meet.

erc1971 said:

3: Is there a good place online to find UFS cards below retail price? I noticed Ebay has very little in the way of UFS.

Here you go, sir.

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