Arkham Dice Custom made by Chessex

By xWolfiex, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

I had seen some custom dice made for other games, so I decided to get some custom for Arkham Horror..Chessex Rules!

Red=cursed Green=normal Blue=blessed


Awesome dice. How much did Chessex charge you for the set (my guess is $35 - 40) and how long did it take them to fill the order?

The total without shipping for 30 dice(10 of each) was around $40..they took less than 2 weeks to arrive. They look really sweet in person.

They look gorgeous... The problem is how do you use them with reroll for one cards, or cards like grapple that make fours into fives (and threes into fours) if you are blessed? Or cards that only take effect on a roll of 1-2.

There's always a few regular 6 siders on hand for that. These are for the bulk of the rolls and for aesthetic value.

I just had an idea..small dots with a silver paint pen in upper corner of blank sides to indicate 1,2,3....discreet and doesn't compromise the integrity of the dice or the aesthetic value. And of course there's always still the good old regular six-siders.


A little late to the party, but thanks for the pictures! Yes, it was with Chessex that I negotiated the creation of the dice pictured on this thread. At the end of a two-week period (please see earlier posts in this forum and two separate postings on boardgamegeek), Chessex agreed to manufacture the dice for the following price points:

- Scarab Scarlet ("Cursed") at $.50/die ~ Etched with the Elder Sign and "6"

- Scarab Jade ("Normal") at $1.00/die ~ Etched with the Elder Sign, "5" and "6"

- Scarab Royal Blue ("Blessed") at $1.50/die ~ Etched with the Elder Sign, "4", "5", and "6"

- In addition, several individuas ordered a set of Scarab Black Blood dice w/regular pips for the uncommon occurrences where you may need to add "1" to a result or re-roll all "1s."

The Professor

Aha, so it must have been you that Joe at Chessex spoke of..That must have been why I had such a quick had already been having these In addition to these I have some wicked looking "bone" 6 siders for the times when all six numbers are needed.


We started looking at "Cursed" dice which contained the Elder Sign, no number, and pips for 1 - 5. Unfortunately, as they need to start with a blank die, each die would run $6 a piece! Yikes!!!

So, now we have dice which fit 85%+ of every type of encounter. In addition you can use these dice to capture some of the peculiar rolls, to include discarding a Bleesing/Curse, paying on a loan, or having a dreaded Chthonian attack by using the different types of dice available to you.

I think the end product and pricing for these was fantastic. We'll be using them for the first time Friday and I can't wait! Now for a cool Monster Box..hehe

man they do look cool. not being here when these were ordered, i suppose im too late to order these now? and in uk?

Such a shame cute games like that are so expensive...

I personnally bought new dice for Arkham, and I'm very satisfied with them : 64 of them, very tiny (a third smaller than the original AH ones) and in black and golden. Like that, when you have a huge check to make (like twelve dice) everyting fits in your hands, and there are so many you don't have to lend them to the next player, everyone love them !

Darknight, I would call Chessex and ask about them..I don't think you would have any problem getting some made.

thanks mate i will, they look sooo cool, and theres something about dice isnt there :)