return from sacrifice

By Darknight4, in Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction

is there a card that i can use in a cthulhu/hastur deck to bring a card back from sacrifice/discard pile, ? i cant think of one, it could of course be a neutral?

i cant think of anything in lcg, but west from fc or mr six the promo, might work.

ah assistant to west yes, forgot about that one, what i was after but i dont think i can, is to summon cthulhu by using the great preist, but is that a waste as cthulhu then goes to discard, so how to bring him into play again, dont think i can ?

In CCG an interesting way to bring Cthulhu was using a Cthulhu/Shub deck, using Temple of Nephren-Ka or Cthulhu for President, to put Cthulhu in your discard pile, and with some Cultists and The Stars are Right Play Shubby to put in play all characters from all discard piles...

funnily enough i was just looking at my spares thinking of doing a cthulhu/shub deck, i havent got a cthulhu for president though, anyone ?

i think im going to do another shub/yog as well