Please Clarify: Is Shock distinct from Fear?

By HappyDaze, in Rogue Trader Rules Questions

The Death World origin option grants a +10 on any roll to resist Pinning and Shock. Pinning is clear to me. The index tells me to look for Shock and Snapping Out of It on page 295. Looking there, it appears that the roll to resist Shock applies to subsequent Willpower Tests to "snap out of it" from Fear effects that allow it, but that this bonus doesn't apply directly to the Fear Tests. Is this how others are playing it?

If the above is a correct reading, do modifiers that apply on Fear Tests still apply to the Willpower Test to resist Shock? While it technically appears correct that Resistance (Fear) and Unshakable Faith do not apply to the rolls to "snap out of it" from Fear effects, it seems a bit odd. Of course, this is also in a system that has Pinning as its own very specific form of fear (and not Fear), so perhaps it's what the designers intend.

I always assumed that Shock is the test to snap out of it, while Fear is the test to avoid Shock in the first place. The rules are a little woolly, and could spark a huge discussion over whether Shock and Fear should be distinct, but that's the way I play it