Healing And Timing Question

By Cr7pt0r, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

Hi all,

Might sound dumb but I just want to confirm.

1. Is it possible for Greater Heal or Blessing of Isha to prevent a defending unit from dying when damage assigned/applied is equal to unit defense ?

2. Warpstone Excavation can be played anywhere ? I mean can I play this card in my opponents zones ? If no could you please point me out the combo related with this card because I'm not seeing how can I take advantage of "Your unit enter this zone corrupted".


1- I guess HEALING has a different timing from "cancelling". Healing is a non-written effect like: "Action: remove X damages from your units" ex.

This is my guess...but I'm pretty sure about it.

2- No combo. That's the limitation you have in exchange of a 0 cost support with 1 power (one more virtual Card/Resource first turn, having all 3 intitial resources for other purposes).

BTW, I guess in the future we'll find a way to take advantage of it (draw a card for every corrupted unit you controlo, destroy X target opponents... preocupado.gif ).


So the usefulness of this three cards isn't really great right now.

I just found that Greater Heal indeed doesn't prevent a unit from being removed from game. Walk with me:

1. When you assign damage to a unit this represents "potential damage" playing Greater Heal in response to this does nothing because the unit doesn't have in fact the damaged applied.

2. After the damage is applied if it's equal to the unit defense that unit leaves play. Playing Greater Heal in response to this doesn't help either because the unit isn't there anymore when you try to play your tactic.

However the Blessing of Isha is more trick. What's the meaning of Restore ? Means all the malicious effect in the card (including corruption)? If so I think that Blessing of Isha makes a unit invulnerable.

"Restore" is a term used when talkin' about CORRUPTION. "Restoring" a Unit means "unTAP it. It's not corrupted anymore".

So, the Blessing RESTORES a Unit when it's played (or comes into play) and prevent that unit from being corrupted.

That's an anti-corruption card, pretty conditional.


- Cancel: prevent a damage from being "applied".

- Heal: remove a damage.

- Restore: un-corrupt a Unit.