New Campaigen: Dead man Walking part 1

By Mashman, in Rogue Trader Gamemasters

The campaigen is Called Dead Man Walking and is about the Famous Pirate captain
Landore Melf ”, i have only made a rough Plot line so far and some few evetns. First let me give you basic infmation about “ Landore Melf ".

Landore Melf was a tradesman from Hive Sibilus, his craftmanship was Cryptolgy and he made some of the best codes, and was the creator of secret ciphers. He spend his whole childhood on sibilius but at the age of 28 one of his dear freind a naval captain called “ Malus Caronal” who shipped rich noble and exploraters, invited him to his ship for helping him. Landore took with him and traveled around in the calixis sector. After 30 years of traveling around in the calixis sector Malus Caronal got a message from is admiral that his ship was and him was granted to a very militant and rich Explorator called “Method Kandor”. Method Kandor was seeking to Port Wander and against the Kronus Expanse to become a rich man and ofcause to make his Name all around the sector. Landore Melf became a very good freind with Method Kandor and they seem to have some of the same goals. When they arive at port wander they have been told that Method Kandor and Malus Caronal had a fight and Landore Melf would stand behind Method Kandor. The whole fight ended in a blody fight where Malus Caronal was killed and Landore Became the new captain of the ship and Method became his first Officer. But now when they have killed a imperial Navy captain they where criminals, they fly away from port wander and started they long travels into Kronus Expanse. Landore became one of the most famous pirate captain of the Kronus expanse and he made great tresure and contacts. There are manny legends about the great Pirate captain, but the most famous of them all are about the “ 12 Compass” its a legend and a theory of where he tresure is barried and about his death. The Theory is that a map he left at port wander could lead you to his famous tresure. The map and the letter with it goes like this

Dear Son of the Kronus Expanse, i have left this letter and map here at the Empores farest reach, to help your reach youre goals and prestige among the common man, i haved hided my greates knowledges and secrets in this letter and map so listen now. The whole world is infront of you and the goals you have sat shall be reach, the Kronus is just the needle in my compasses, while the rest is of compasess is my lust to adventure, and my lust to adventure only fit with the key stone, and key stone will help help you find my knowleldge and world is going to help you find my secrets, the key stone and world is the same, so Son of the Krouns Expanse if you truely understand this the only think you need is the 12 compasses and you will find the way to Immortality .”

The letter and the map is placed on a pillar in middel of Port Wander, Lendore left this letter of a unkown reason but manny says it have something to do with his Death. The legends says that he died somewhere in the Kronus Expanse, he was murded by Method Kandor and his crew by been thrown into the plasma reactor and burnt to death, Unfontuly he was carring something there made plasma reactor go down and the ship engine and life support go down.Ssome say that the ship wass lost in warp other say it flyed into a sun other say its was in orbit by a plantet and crashed on it, and som still belived its flying around like ghost ship.

The campaigen is following the rouge trader and his exploraters finding the 12 compasses and Landore Melf treasure, this is the first Topic, i will post some more parts of the Campaigen soon hope you like. gui%C3%B1o.gif

Please do so,

comments: It is Rogue Trader and Koronus Expanse (except for that typo in the book...).

Every now and again, I flip the u and the g by mistake myself, and English is my native tounge! This makes me want to go back through all of my posts and make sure no rouge got past my proofing!

Heh, typo's is a friggin difficult thing to truly eliminate. And I ain't a native English speaker.

I think Rogue Trader is one of the most common mistakes ever when written as Rouge.