Error and questions

By Gompel, in StarCraft

I couldn't find it on the website, but in our last game we discovered a small error:
The overview list of the max. and min. combat values of the Broodwar rulesbook says the Scourge has a maximum attack of 8. But both Zerg have a Broodwar card with a 9 attack value.

I have a question about the following battle with two skirmishes:
Reaver vs Hydralisk
Zealot vs Lurker
->The Reaver killed the Hydra with a collateral damage (technology)card. The Hydra missed.
->The Zealot could kill the Lurker (but no observer present). The Lurker killed the Zealot and therefore the Reaver too with splash damage.
Am I correct if I say that:
-The collateral damage was triggered because it happens just before the Reaver dies (because of the Lurker's splash).
-The lurker was killed by the Reaver's splash. (In other words: is it possible to kill a cloaked unit with splash?)
Strictly, the rules say the cloaked unit can withdraw instead of be destroyed. But it doesn't say anything about splash and I figured that in the pc-game it wouldn't matter if a unit was cloaked or not to be killed by splash damage.

Another battle occured in which I wasn't sure about the rules:
Hydralisk + Queen vs Wraith
The Zerg plays this reinforcement card: "Gain +1 attack if you have at least one supporting unit in this skirmish". Strictly an Assist unit is a supporting unit, so then the Hydra would get the +1 bonus. Another question about this card: does that supporting unit have to be able to target the front-line unit at all? For example: would you get the +1 bonus if the supporting unit was a Zergling (it can't target the Wraith, but maybe there is some freaking Zerg mindstuff going on gui%C3%B1o.gif )?
Thanks for your help.

Indeed, there are some errors in the rulebook concerning the units' stats;

you could check each units because there are some others

1st battle: the lurker is not killed, because, being cloaked, it withdraws as soon as it is killed by the the zealot. It is possible to kill a cloaked unit, but in your case, the lurker withdrew before splash damage.

The collateral damage by the reaver is indeed trigered

2nd battle: you are right; the +1 applies if you have a supporting unit, whatever it is, even if it can't attack the front line unit

Thank you for your reply Manslayer. Much appreciated.
Lol at second battle: I always thought the Zerg was a weird race.