FFG Tolkien-based games

By Sagremor, in The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game

Hello Everyone,

I've been wondering which of the FFG games beased on Lord of the Rings and general Middle-Earth is the most interesting.

I wanted to know Your opinions before I buy anything. If I like Runebound, Arkham Horror, which of those games I might llike best?


It depends on what you're after in a game. If you like short intense games then Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation would suit nicely. If you like longer more thematic games then I think you can't go past War of the Ring or Middle Earth Quest. Certainly if you are after a bigger and richer story like experience then one of those last two would be a great choice!



I haven't tried Middle Earth Quest or War of the Ring, but if you like co-op games, you may like the standard LOTR: The board game, which also may appeal to you because of the storytelling nature similarities to AH and RB. I personally like LOTR more than Runebound, but not as much as Arkham Horror.