Peer (Government)

By mrobfire, in Rogue Trader Rules Questions

This talent can't be referring to all of the imperial government since that is broken up into individual talents. What does this refer to then? An individual planets government? High level rulers? I can't come up with a definition that isn't too broad or too narrow.

Government, in this case, probably means local governments, probably the non-noble functionary leaders; the upper levels of local administration, and lesser working nobility, when in the context of doing their government jobs.... that's how I ran it under DH.

The Government group is the local government (as opposed to the Imperium-spanning Administratum). It's largely functionaries and middle-men with the high leadership coming under Nobility. In many cases - especially for cutting through red tape - this is a great Peer Group to have since relying on Nobility will take longer since it's an added layer to wade through.

So would this apply to the local governments of multiple planets? Would the character have to have spent time on all of those worlds?

I treated it as the ability to get along well with those mid-level government functionaries of all worlds, but only in the context of their work place.

Kind of an ability to work with mid level managers, because mid-level managers across the board tend to be similar in their reactions in most tpes of government.

If, however, a player wanted to specify a specific world's government, I'd allow that, and allow it both on and off duty.