Any ideas about a multi map game?

By Tony P., in Runebound

Any thoughts on how one might play Runebound using two or more of the Box expansion maps? The thought sounds cool, but...

i remember that i have tried that idea before with the normal map and the island of dread map, i had it so you must kill three dragon lords, collect the proper map pieces then travel to the island and kill that tough silver guy (ab-sib shiff?). Anyway it worked descently it made it so you had to travel across all the land not just stay in a corner. i connected the two by placing the solid land half of the island of dread to the left of the runebound main map, it ended up covering the monster card spots so i just placed the stacks off to the side, the only problen is that the ocerlapping of the boards caused the island of dread map to tilt a but wich was hard to find where to move guys and they were sliding a bit, to solve this simplay connect the two maps with clothpins or small plactic clamps. it worked well and i enoyed it. it did increase the length of the game by a couple hours but that was okay. if i were you i would try with just those to maps first, it is the simplist if you like that go with a bigger amount of maps.

I've been interested in trying this idea myself, and it's good to hear it worked out well enough for others. I agree that Isle of Dread should be placed tot he left of the main board (IIRC there's some flavour text in IoD that indicates it is "west" of the main board territory, in addition to the fact that the topography fits that way.)

The only thing I'd do differently is I wouldn't place the IoD map overlapping the card spots. I'd place it completely off the main board and create a special rule for moving from one map to another. This makes sense to me firstly because it would prevent the instability of boards Facepalm mentioned and also because I don't think the two territories are meant to be literally adjacent (in my mind there's at least some amount of undefined wilderness between the two.)

For moving between the two, I'm thinking a hero would either begin his turn in a hex along the "western" edge of the main board and spend his entire movement to go to a hex on the "eastern" edge of IoD that is roughly parallel, OR the hero would go to any city on the main board and pay some amount of money to get on a caravan heading to any (mainland) city on the IoD map. And vice versa for coming back. Of the two I rather like the caravan idea better, I think, since it doesn't involve figuring out where exactly you're allowed to pop up on the other map.

I think i should try the idea of seperated maps it may work out better, for reasons that Steve-O explained. One thing that should be considered is the fact that after all of that the end fight would be kind of easy (it was i did not even get hurt =P ) so i would probaly try changing the stats a bit for the boos fight, maybe increase the top number by 3 or 5, or another idea that i just thought of that may work is; when the heroes get to the silver stack remove Ab-Shiff Shab, usually the player gets to refresh in between fights which is okay, but to add to the difficulty make it so when Ab-Shiff Shab's Champion is picked up and beaten the player has to fight Ab-Shiff Shab right away without a chace of refresh.

That one laat idea may make the game slightly to hard considering the champion is extremely tough, but it would make sense into the storyline; you are searching for Ab-Shiff Shab when you get ambushed by his champion so you know you are getting close.