NPC Starship Crew starting quality?

By acowell, in Rogue Trader

Are there any guidelines in the rule book for determining a starting starship crew quality? There is table 8-9 detailing those ratings, but I'm not seeing anything about how to figure out what the crew is for a new ship.

In lieu of better guidance, I was thinking of doing Competent (or even Incompetent) to start, and then let the crew experience up. Maybe two combats upgrades them to Crack, three more to Veteran, four more to Elite. Any big crew recruitment would drop the quality a level.

Nope. There's nothing at all about that in the Dark Heresy rule book at all in any way, shape, or form. I think Rogue Trader is where you want to be looking, though I don't know what the answer would be. It would be a better start.

It is connected to the SP you spend on your Crew
Norman > 0 SP
Crack > 5 SP
Veteran > 15 SP

(page 193 RT)

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Ah, thanks. Sorry about misposting.