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new to the game and had a few questions;

1) What is the purpose in multiple character cards that are the same card? ie bought the old ryu vs akuma starter and each deck had 4 character cards of which 2 were copys.

2) What are balance tokens? cant find them in the rule sheet.

3) what is the most current street fighter series in UFS? Also is my old sabertooth set compatible?

Thanks guys

First off, welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy it.

To answer some of your questions:

Character cards are, by themselves, not amazingly useful in a deck that does not use characters specifically. There are, of course, characters that benefit from having multiple copies of themselves in the deck, or benefit from having character cards in and of themselves, but those types of decks are not everywhere. Character cards have very good stats as a check card (A 6 check, highest in the game), as well as the best type of block in the game (+0 Mid), which means that it is easier to block some attacks if you hold onto them. In the end, a deck will almost always benefit from a few character blocks in the deck, unless they can fill those spots with more needed cards.

On the balance token question, I assume you are referencing this card:


In this case, Balance tokens are just this card's means to an end. They do not in themselves hold any value, except for allowing this card to work. There are other cards which use similar mechanics that only have meaning for themselves. Q-Bee is an example of this.

The most recent Street Fighter set is Warriors Dream(SF09). Those cards have a 4 pointed shuriken on them. There is not any sort of incompatability between Sabretooth and FFG cards. That said, there are blocks of legal cards, similar to Magic and Pokemon. Currently, any card with a 5 pointed shuriken is legal for Standard, while all cards are legal for Legacy.

Hope this answers your questions. Good luck!


thanks a lot mate, thats a great help