Scenario Editor Problems

By Facepalm2, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

when i have used the editor recently it didnt work i would work on the level it would be fin then i would save it, then open it it would still work but all of a sudden out of no where the next time i try to open it the map get all torn apart; the tiles are seperated, the monsters and other objects are not even on the tiles just around the ones they are supposed to be on. i have made a scenario before that worked called Dread Caverns (it is under play test right now. if anyone wants to leave feedback it would be apreciates.=) i did not have any problems before so i dont know whats not working now.

does anyone else ever have this problem? Does anyone put there know how to fix it? i tried everything i remade the scenario several times, and rebooted the system, thinking it may just be a flaw when i last downloaded the editor.