Hopes for the Companion Set

By Ruvion, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

We know that there is an elf expansion in the works that will be released in due time.
What are your hopes for this expansion?

If the AGoT faction expansions are any clue, then the elf expansion should have:
-a price range of $25-30
-at least one non-quest card (see below) for each CS race...hopefully more heroes, since AGoT's Kings of the Sea got some kings thrown into the mix.
-some more race specific quests (trying to draw a parallel to AGoT's plot cards here)
-some neutral cards
-a multiplayer rule or draft variant

The card count can be anywhere from 60-120. If it follows the AGoT's distribution scheme, which I find highly unlikely, then it can be 60 cards (no duplication) + resin capital board just like the Kings of the Sea expansion or 120 cards (60 uniques duplicated once). The other alternative being simply half of Core set's 220 count. Personally, for the above stated price range, I hope there will be a unique happy medium for the companion set: somewhere around 90+ range with some duplication (I would prefer no duplication, but there is that CS precedent).

Speculations are welcome...

The Princes of the South will contain "2 copies per card" at a lower cost than KotS (the resin house card will be optional..And that's a good thing).

I guess here we'll have something more complicated than that...We'll have 2 different races in a set...They're not going to use a Core set criteria (40 bucks/4 races = 10 bucks per race) I guess, cause Core set is a bit underpriced...If they're going to do that, we'll have a "single copy of everything", like a "Elves Core Set", plus a bunch of mixed cards.

Anyway, I'd like multiple copies of cards, even if the price would be higher than that...The 2 copies per card is a good mid-solution, but for two faction, it'll be something like a "70 bucks" product. That would be ok for "competitive" players, but for other player it would be a good reason to leave it at the shop.

I don't see any good reason (in exception of promotional purposes and that's what they're doing with PotS) for which they should underprice a Companion...

So, my ultimate idea, is that we'll have a 20/25 bucks product with 1x everything inside and a bunch of other races cards to give it...more...appeal. lengua.gif

Actually my "ultimate idea" as you say, is not that far fom yours (I guess I didn't make that clear in my OP).
I think we are on the same page here DB.

Yes, mate, we agree on something ;-)

Sorry if I repeated your concept misunderstanding your OP.

When I'm upset I don't get the sense of sentences and write without thinkin'... ;-)

I'm upset because:

- 5 days ago I liked the idea of this game (went on for a couple of months), but I wasn't sure about the purchase.

- 4 days ago I ordered 2 copies of the Core Set. **** it.

- 3 days ago I officially started a hard work (with Margalus and Gualdo) to create the Italian Community. I'm gone.

- 2 days ago I started building decks with the deckbuilder. Yes. I'm gone.

- 1 day ago I started the argument with you ( I don't have the game, yet, but I'm already in war ).

And now we have the companion...It's not released yet, and I already know I'm going to buy 2x .

I'm gone. Leave me alone.


BTW. They'll definitely do that. Single copies. 2 Races core set price.

Hope we get it soon. I'm in love with Elves chromatics ;-)

Deckbuilder? What deckbuilder?
Show me!

I must have it, my precious. babeo.gif

I hope it's not in Italian, 'cause I have indisgestion. gui%C3%B1o.gif

(But if it is, then Imma gonna hafta Troll Vomit on yo ass! demonio.gif )

That's ok. No indigestion. It's in english.

Here it is!


It has a nice Card Database Check while building the deck...The card name you're puttin' in becomes "red" when you put more copies than you actually have.

It's pretty "simple", but light and efficient.

Good building!

ohhh...I love Troll Vomit...My favourite Dish! babeo.gif

Oh. That deckbuilder.
I already digested ChaosChild's excellent creation awhile ago.

So I gotta "Bleah!" on you I'm afraid.
Bleah!! babeo.gif

NOTE: there really should be a smiley made for a troll throwing up.
P.S. Is Invasion published in Italian over there?

Thanks for the vomit. :-) I was hungry.

Anyway...In Italy we'll have a middle-december release. Nexus is going to translate it.

But I don't care.

I want original language games. Translations are not accurate in card games. I want original stuff. :-)

I do expect at least doubles of some cards as I don't plan to buy some boxes 2x. I'd like things to be playable without multiple copies of a box.
And for a cardgame to be truly playable, you need duplicates of a lot of cards in my opinion.