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I've been hoping to see FFG put a book like this out for some time! Although I must admit I am very disappointed to see that this won't be the start of an Android RPG or even an rpg book at all I am very pleased to see another product that explores this IP!

I'm sad it's not going to be a standalone RPG (instant buy for me) but nevertheless, this is better than no book at all. I'm not convinced I'll buy it though. If it has all the needed info I'll maybe reconsider and use it as a sort of setting book for an universal RPG mechanic like FATE or Savage Worlds.

I'll be buying this because I love this setting. Still got my hopes up for some more novels, but this will be a fun read

The preview article made the books sound like it was rather comprehensive write up on the setting, perhaps it would make a useful book for Interface Zero/Savage Worlds.

Hopefully this will be a precursor to an Android RPG!!!

I could only hope, but I am leaning towards that not being the case. I think an Android RPG unlikely simply because FFG is currently doing so much that the resources may not be available for an Android RPG.

There are so many reasonable good cyperpunk suitable RPG systems that a background book is even better than complete RPG-system!

I am very happy about this announcement!

Some cyperpunk games or systems:

One free Cyperpunk rule system: Syndicate:

All of these can be used with this source book!

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Anyone hear about an ETA when this might come out?

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It only spent a couple days at the printers before it jumped onto a boat. We will need to see if this goes through the same stuff the Star Wars books went through to get here. They were on the boat for two months. Then hopefully the PDF will be a couple weeks afterwards.

I hope they offer a hardcopy/ pdf combo.