Mance ambiguity

By PerfectBalance, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - A Dance with Dragons

We played a game yesterday and a question was raised concerning Mance Rayder House Card

"Y our final combat strength is equal to the current Position of the Wildling Threat token"

Does this imply that your final combat strength equals to the PHYSICAL POSITION of wilding threat token at the moment or to the wildling STRENGTH PRINTED underneath the token. For clarification, let's say that the token is at position 4 (that is the 4th position from the left 0-2-4-6-8-10-12). Would Baratheon's final combat strength be 4 according to the physical position of the token or 6 as printed on that position?

There seems to be no other topics addressing this issue so far as I'm aware.

Thanks in advance

I think you are being too finicky with the term "position". It is meant to be the strength listed there, which makes more sense than Mance varying from 1 to 7.

But if you want to focus on the word position, we have to look at how it is used in the rule book.

"Advance Wildlings Track: Count the number of Wildling icons on the three revealed Westeros cards (if any) and move the Wildling Threat token forward that many spaces on the Wildlings track. If, during this step, the Wildling Threat token reaches position “12”, a Wildling Attack is immediately resolved (ignore any surplus Wildling icons). Read how to resolve wildling attacks on page 22."

So "position 12" => final combat strength of 12, as would the rest for the strength values, there is no position 7 and Mance would never create a final strength of 7.

Note that latest FAQ confirms this answer:

A Dance With Dragons expansion Q: What is the maximum strength provided by the Mance Rayder house card text ability? A: Ten. Since the Wildling Threat token cannot reach the “12” position during the Action Phase, Mance cannot provide 12 strength.