Countdown Sound Effect!?

By Vala_Melkor, in Mission: Red Planet

My copy of this game is on it's way, so I'm interested in getting a soundbite

with the countdown for my mobile phone to add to the fun factor of this

game ... any ideas where to get this free? ... Walts


have you tried googling "countdown free app"? Sorry, I'm not that into this app thing (yeah, I'm prehistorical for some stuff), but it'd be the way I'd go if needed

I did, J, but nothings come up on my (Android) phone?

I wonder if I'm searching right, using "Rocket", "Countdown", "Liftoff" as my searches?

Anyone? ... Walts

Can't help much, sorry... same no results also on the playstore, right?

Have you tried asking in an Android forum? I'll ask a few tech friends, and post here if I find something