By Supertoe, in Arcana Revised Edition

Why isn't this a LCG, or at least have an expansion or two. Factions, Deck-Building, sounds like Netrunner, right? Think Again!

I was on the fence for a long long time with this game. I finally bought it and today was my first game, it is a very enjoyable game. Even without any of the expansions it is a great 2 player bidding game to recommend for gamers and also as a gateway game for newbies. Awesome artwork!

I too have to voice my support for extra content for Arcana. There is so much extra room in that box, surly a little expansion would help fill that void. But seriously, the game is solid and I really love the design and adore the artwork.

Having said all that I can't seem to find any recent activity for Dust Games or the designer. Anyone know anything about this?