Zooktober Fest X-Wing Tournament

By Comycgyrl, in The Star Wars Game Experience

Gadzooks Gaming and Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies will be hosting a 100 Point Star Wars X-wing Tournament with tons of prizes ranging from custom ships and models to trophies.

Complete Tournament rules found here: Tournament Rules

Squad Building
Each player must build one squad for use in anDogfight tournament. The squad-building rules described in this section supersede the squad-
building rules described in therulebook. The maximum squad points for each player is 100 points. A squad cannot
exceed 100 points, though it may contain fewer than 100 points. A player may choose to field a Rebel, an Imperial, or a Scum & Villainy squad.Rebelsquads may include Resistance Ship and Upgrade cards, and Imperial squads may include First Order Ship and Upgrade cards.
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