From the Screen to the Board, Part II

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In the Warcraft video games, one of my favorite things was making my way through the campaigns and following along with the story. When I sat down to design the board game, I wanted to capture that as much as possible.

The first way I approached this was to make the board modular, so that it can be set up in a number of different ways. This allows much more flexibility when designing scenarios for the game.

Additionally, I wanted a versatile victory condition that could be easily adapted for a number of different scenarios. Victory points, while a departure from the video games, served my needs there quite well, allowing players to approach victory in several different ways even in the standard scenario.

So, how did that turn out, you ask? Well, the base game comes with 3 scenarios beyond the ‘standard’ setup, and of those, my favorite is the Nordrassil scenario, in which the Undead take on the combined might of the Orcs, Humans, and Night Elves trying to reach and destroy Nordrassil, the world tree. Any Undead units that get killed in battle pop right back into play, and the allied forces’ only hope is for the Night Elf player to finish the mighty spell he’s casting by drawing the last of his experience cards from his deck.

I like this scenario because it departs significantly from the standard scenario, while still keeping the basics of the game play intact. Hopefully, it will serve as inspiration for others designing their own scenarios.

And speaking of that, we’ll be providing a space here for you to post your scenarios for everyone to enjoy. I’m hoping that before too long, the entire Warcraft 3 campaign is recreated in scenario form so that die-hard fans can play it from start to finish. But don’t think I’ll be slacking off. No sir, I’ll be posting more scenarios of my own as we go. My goal is to keep exploring the game’s basic mechanics in new and interesting ways with the scenarios, so that when players grow weary of the standard scenario, they’ll always have a new challenge to move on to.