Selling My Collection

By Batterskull, in CoC Trade Forum

This is mostly for potential players in Europe. Lots of stuff.

Core + Bigbox Expansions:

3x Core (revised)

Secrets of Arkham (reprint)

The Order of the Silver Twilight

Seekers of Knowledge

The Key and the Gate

Terror in Venice

Denizens of the Underworld

The Sleeper Below

Summons of the Deep Cycle:

The Horror Beneath the Surface

The Antediluvian Dreams

The Terror of the Tides

Dreamlands Cycle (Old distribution format):

In Memory of Day

2x In the Dread of Night

Search for the Silver Key

Journey to Unknown Kadath

The Yuggoth Contract Cycle:

Whispers in the Dark

Murmurs of Evil

The Wailer Below

The Rituals of the Order Cycle:

The Twilight Beckons

Perilous Trials

Initiations of the Favored

Aspirations of Ascension

The Gleaming Spiral

Forgotten Lore (all reprints):

At the Mountains of Madness

Ancient Horrors

Spawn of Madness

Kingsport Dreams

Conspiracies of Chaos

Dunwich Denizens

Ancient Relics:

The Shifting Sands

Curse of the Jade Emperor

The Breathing Jungle

Never Night

Into Tatarus

Shadow of the Monolith


Written and Bound

Words of Power

Ebla Restored

The Unspeakable Pages

Additional Singles:

3x Claret Knight

3x Harvesting Mi-Go