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By Kobold Curry Chef, in Ship Marker Variants

Hi everyone,

Jefferson Krogh here, one of the guys from "the committee" appointed to bring Cosmic Dominion to life. This expansion is unlike anything FFG has ever done before -- they let us fans take over and put on a show, and we think we did pretty well. ;)

When Bill, Jack and I were in the last stages of preparing Cosmic Dominion, we had some extra room on the counter sheets. Bill had long wanted to do something with "ship markers" of some sort, where one ship would be special in some way. We all agreed that would be a great addition to the set, but who was going to decide what the markers did? Did we even have time to design and test it? We were up against some deadlines, and the Tick-Tock was just about to win that battle.

We figured out the answer, though, and here it is. Cosmic Dominion is the fan -designed expansion for Cosmic Encounter, and we decided to let the fans be the ones to take the ship markers and continue the fan expansion into infinity by having FFG put up a forum so the expansion could keep on expanding. We put a couple of examples (flagships, salvage ships) in the rulesheet to get people started, and figured everyone would go from there.

Only thing is, nobody remembered to create the forum last year. Oops.

As of today, that has been rectified! Better late than never, I hope. I'm eager to see everyone's ideas here, and I hope that we're all still adding to Cosmic Dominion years from now. Have fun!

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