Designer Diary: New Members Welcome!

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I just finished reading through the manuscript for Shades of Empire again and have to say, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans are in for a treat. The book adds a lot of interesting new content that can fit into any type of campaign.

And since it's been a while since I shared some good, juicy tidbits, I thought this would be the perfect time to offer more information about Shades of Empire.

Here's part of the copy from the back cover, which helps provide an enticing overview of the book's contents:

Religions, wizard schools, and sinister cults are not the only organisations in the Old World. Shades of Empire delves deep into the background of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to bring you nine compelling organisations for your campaign. This book is designed for both players and Game Masters. Players can join these organisations, many of which feature new careers. GMs are provided with new plots, NPCs, locations, and adventure hooks.

Not enough? Well, here's a sneak peek at three of the organisations featured in the book:

* The Altdorf Dockers: These toughs rule the quayside in the Empire's capitol.
* The Dreamwalkers: These servants of Morr hunt Undead and Necromancers across the Old World.
* The Quinsberry Lodge: This organisation ensures that Halflings across the Empire get fair and equal treatment. Or else.

Still not satisfied? Ok, ok! One more morsel.

One of my favorite sections is about The Glorious Revolution of the People (Reformed), a group that wages war not with armies, but with the printed word. The chapter introduces a new Advanced Career: the Pamphleteer, an exciting option for those Agitators, Demagogues and Newssheet Vendors looking leave their mark on society.

Here's the lowdown on the Pamphleteer:

The printing press is a new invention in the Empire, and as yet its presence has not changed much of society. Its presence is however keenly felt among agitators, demagogues and street politicians who now have a whole new way to reach their public. Pamphleteers are more than just tradesmen with a paper-press: they are passionate individuals who research, write, sketch and print political or religious works in order to spread their message, then disseminate their materials across whole cities and provinces. Although printing itself is perfectly legal and increasingly respectable, many pamphleteers print material that is neither, and those who wishes to stay in business have to be skillful at escaping the attention of the watch or more powerful enemies.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at what Shades of Empire has to offer. I'm really pleased with this product and think it will make an excellent addition to everyone's role playing collection.