I will be in Stevens Point, WI week of 8/24 and Rochester, NY week of 8/31 - anyone want to play some UFS?

By mattkohls, in UFS Organized Play

Let me know if you there are any groups near these areas that want to get together for some 5 point action or to just talk UFS during the next two weeks.

Hey Matt, We are running our pre-release for Tekken on Monday Aug. 31st. It will be $15 for 6 packs and sealed deck format. I'll also make sure some of my players got decks put together for you to player against. Sorry I wasn't at worlds but hope we can have our rematch with the block 4 format. I know bloodocean will have one of his crazy decks for you to play against too.

Store Info.

Millennium Games and Hobbies

3047 W. Henrietta Rd

Rochester,NY 14623

what time will the event be starting?

We start our events around 6:30.

I will do my best to make it.

ok i wish i've had seen this sooner. but yeah. how long are you going to be in stevens point?

6913 W. Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53219

Sunday @ 2 to 3 ish We'll be there eventually. Also, let me know what you're doing Wed and Thurs this coming week. That'll be the 26th and 27th if you're still around then.