Whats size are the player cards?

By Jools2, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

My copy of Descent is on the way to me, and already I'm making custom characters! It would be jolly nice if someone could get a ruler out and tell me the dimensions of a character card. If I'm lucky there'll be some printable card available at the store of the same size.


In metric they are 12.7cm x 10.15cm (approximately).

Keep us updated on how it goes :)

YEAH, Welcome to the world of Descent!! I just started a few months ago and absolutely love it!! This is place to come for questions and answers, it's nice to know there are others as nerdy as i am out there too...speaking of which, I need to paint my new Well of Darkness monsters :) ...any good painting tips out there, i was just kind of winging it with my base set and have never done anything like this before...maybe I'll start a thread tomorrow about it.

Their actual sixe is in Imperial: five inches by four inches.

Works well in Photoshop.