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The following information was retrieved from a classified document, transmitted by an undercover agent to the top-ranking commanders of the Capitol War Machine. The content disseminated herein is considered confidential.

In my last transmission, I was able to transmit Alakhai's confidential files on one of the Brotherhood's most enigmatic figures, Archinquisitor Nikodemus. Shortly after that transmission, new information came in regarding recent technological advances made by the Bauhaus megacorporation. These reports caused a considerable amount of turmoil and anxiety among Alakhai's high ranking officers, and great effort was made to determine the impact these advancements will have on the battlefield. The results of those efforts, I believe, are worth the risk of a transmission back to the leaders of the Capitol war machine.

As you know, the Bauhaus megacorporation is renowned throughout the Solar System for the quality of their equipment: the machines, arms, and armor they use on the battlefield are of a consistently high, almost legendary, quality. While they are an occasional ally, when a common cause suits both our purposes, they are also a proud people ("There's Bauhaus and then there's everyone else," I once overheard one of their Dukes remark). This pride has led to many border disputes and tense trade "situations," and given the make-up of both our citizens and theirs, these situations are often only resolved through the implementation of force. Thus, an awareness of the most recent Bauhaus technology will be advantageous to the Capitol war machine both when the Bauhaus military fights alongside us, and when they fight against us.

One of the most intriguing battlefield experiments made by the Bauhaus megacorporation paid off with the success they have had with their Battlesuit Prototype. By upgrading the chassis of load-lifters, the Bauhaus scientists and manufacturers have produced what is essentially a walking tank that can be piloted by a single soldier, providing that soldier the ability to go toe to toe with a decent chance of survival against any of the intimidating monsters of the Dark Legion.

The Battlesuit Prototype with Ironhand Pneumatic Fist

The Prototypes, it turns out, are now yesterday's model, as the Vulkan Battlesuit, which has been in development for the past 2 1/2 years, is now ready for its battlefield debut.

Don't mistake me, here: the Prototypes were a huge success, and will continue to be used by the Bauhaus megacorporation. Their primary usefulness, it turned out, was as a versatile, heavily armored, mobile artillery piece that could target enemy units at long range, and then stand up to a considerable amount of return fire with a combination of strong Bauhausian armor and a crafty anti-targetting device.

The Vulkan Battlesuit with Ironhand Pneumatic Fist

The Vulkan Battlesuit, on the other hand, was designed to devastate enemy units in close combat. With heavier armor, a more powerful "Ironhand Pneumatic Fist," and a dreadful "pummelling" attack that can stun enemy units, the primary battlefield goal of the Vulkan Battlesuit is to close with the enemy's most dangerous unit and engage it in close combat. More often than not, this will mean the end of the engaged unit, if immediate support from the rest of its army is not available

In addition to the technological advancements demonstrated by the Vulkan Battlesuit, the Bauhaus megacorporation has been demonstrating what Alakhai terms a "psychological advance" as well. Always know for their defensive techniques (Bauhaus soldiers employ a strategy of hunkering down in cover, letting their heavy armor protect them, and shooting back at anything that moves), the most recent Bauhaus forces have mastered a technique they like to think of as "Noble Poise." With this technique, they are able to maintain a guarding stance from which they can fend off onrushing troops twice as long as you would expect from a "normal" human. Long years of practice, and a complete trust in the superiority of their equipment, makes this stance possible. It often means death to an oncoming unit on the field of battle.

With these advances, it is my highest recommendation that we do everything possible to remain allied to the Bauhaus megacorporation, at least for the immediate future, until our think-tanks produce some advancements of their own. Until then, I remain your faithful informer, Agent Rose.