It's Okay To Be Different

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There is a lot of discussion out in the ether on World of Warcraft: The Board Game and World of Warcraft: The Adventure game . What are the differences and why are there two versions are the questions most commonly asked. The World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game stands apart from its big boxed brethren for 3 big reasons.

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The first is easy to see. Size wise the Adventure Game is half the size of the standard board game. The board is the same size, there are fewer components. With the smaller box and fewer components, it will be easier to set up and less daunting the first time you pull it out to show your friends. In addition to size being half, price is also half. The Adventure Game retails at $39.95, and is a great way to get started in Azeroth the table top version.

Cookie's Stirring Rod Cookie, Defias Murloc

The second is in the components. All of the cards in the Adventure Game are two sided. Each encounter has its reward printed on the back. All of the hero cards have their alternate side printed on the back. This cut the number of cards in half, and still gave the game enough encounters, items, quests, and powers to keep you from playing the exact same game every time.

Grumbaz Crowsblood, front Grumbaz Crowsblood, back

The third is in the game itself. World of Warcraft focuses on the ongoing battle between the Alliance and the Horde. The Adventure Game allows you to take a break from the constant good versus evil and go out into the world of Azeroth with only you in mind. There are no teams in the Adventure game, and you will be tasked to defeat quests, encounters, and overlords on your own. Each hero will still level up and be able to gain new powers, but there many ways to gain levels.

There many differences between the two games. From the dice system to the leveling color coding to… the list is huge. If you have the big game, the Adventure game is a completely different play experience. If you have the Adventure game, the big game with its team emphasis, will be well worth picking up. Both provide a different way to roam the lands of Azeroth, and both provide a unique path to becoming a legend!