Take Your Game to the Next Level

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That Next Step

Are you and your World of Warcraft team running through the lands of Azeroth faster than a falling Druid of the Claw? Here are a handful of ideas to take your game to the next level.
Step It Up
So you can now run through the lands of Azeroth quite easily, and are looking for ways to enhance your game.
First step
Pick a reason. Why are you fighting? The game itself is based off of the Overlord's plans and disruption effects. If you look at the earlier incarnations of the video game, Blizzard™ started with a basic Orcs versus Humans™. In this game the orcs were under the thrall of an Overlord, who drove them to try and destroy the humans. The humans rallied and were able to drive off the Overlord. This is the setup for the next game, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness™, in which new characters, items, and lands were brought into it.
Taking this idea, for a scenario you could have the Horde players actively trying to help the Overlord. Instead of the quests only giving the Horde experience, they could also move the turn track marker 1 space instead of giving experience, speeding up the game. This would give the Alliance players less time to prepare. At the end, instead of the standard PvP occurring, the Horde players can assist the Overlord, much the same as they would help out a teammate.
Or instead of helping the Overlord, the Hordes and Alliance teams must band together to battle the 2 or even 3 Overlords rampaging across the landscape. Take as many Overlords as you wish and play as if all of them were in play. At the end the players must defeat the Overlords in turn to claim victory.
Or the Overlords could be competing for fertile lands of Azeroth. Put 2 Overlords into play. Each team picks one they wish to support. Each team may now complete the other teams quests, for half of the experience. At the end, both teams may enlist their Overlord as a teammate to battle the other team and their Overlord.
Or each team could have a traitor. At the start of turn 6, the 2 characters with the lowest experience switch sides. They take their cards with them, and just play from the other side. They may use both Horde and Alliance specific towns, flight paths, and benefit from any Horde or Alliance specific cards. This gives the other side access to some new items and spells they would never have seen otherwise. Or instead of the lowest 2 you can do the highest 2. No matter what, keep the teams balanced. No one likes losing, and absolutely no one likes being crushed.
Second Step
What else can the Overlord do? Each turn the Overlord is watching your adventurer gain experience and items, develop new powers, and in turn become harder for them to kill. In this case lets give them something to even the score.
Using this as the principle, each turn have the teams move 2 independent creatures 1 space. Every turn will change the map and can force you to change your play strategy to avoid the teeming masses of independent creatures.
Or have one player act as the Overlord. Each turn they may move 4 creatures 2 spaces. For every hero incapacitated by a creature give the Overlord +1 on a die roll of their choice.
Or every time a quest is attempted, but not completed, add one green level creature, starting with the easiest and working up the chain. This will force you to be more cautious in how you approach the quests.
Or each creature that defeats a hero takes, and is able to use, 1 level 1 item from the merchant deck. This makes them harder to kill, and provides you will far more loot when you finally slay the beast.
Third Step
Lastly, look and see which part you are finding the easiest. For some characters, it is easier to swing away with a big hammer, and they go looking for murlocs to beat on. Some characters can throw balls of sorcerous energy, and they go in for well murlocs also.
So if the challenges are not as challenging, remove the green quest deck. Now you are in way over your head and each turn is a struggle to defeat the seemingly monumental task.
Or take your group of adventurers and pit them against a far more powerful Overlord. Play with the Overlord character on their more powerful 6 player side.
Or start with no gold. Now it is far harder to amass the arsenal you normally traipse around with.
Or require the blue and red/green creatures to be defeated to claim the quest. Now you must travel to 2 different spots and battle more to prove your worthiness.
The possibilities are endless and by adding the expansions, Burning Crusade and Shadow of War, you can take the game even further. With each expansion you can make your scenarios far more sweeping and grand. Go forth adventurer and conquer!