Getting Started in World of Warcraft: The Board Game Part 3: Resolution

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We have learned to set up. We have learned how the turn works , and when we can perform actions . This week we learn to BATTLE!

Part 3: Resolution
At this point you are wondering how to win. If you aren't, you should be. Put the shiny pieces down. To win you need experience. You get experience from completing quests of your level or higher. If you complete a quest below your level you gain the experience, then lose 1 experience for each level you are above the level of the quest. Each quest is in front of you, and to complete them you need only read them.
The top of the card has the creatures listed that need to be spawned. Each creature spawns in the location listed under it. The blue creatures are independent of the quest and will not add to your experience. The red or green creatures are the important part. These will provide the items, gold, and precious precious experience. The reward section shows your goodies. The total gold is split between all members who completed the quest. The total experience is split between all members who completed the quest.
Quests are much easier to complete as a team, and help to level up the entire party. As quests are completed, you have the option of replacing them with green or easy quests, blue or medium quests, or red or hard quests. The gamble of taking on a higher quest is balanced by the larger pile of goodies, however if you do bite off more than you can chew you can always come back.
When you are defeated, you respawn at the closest graveyard (graveyards in your region do not count for this) or at your starting location. You get to choose which you do. You start with one health and one energy, and your turn is over.
How do you defeat these magical minions? Through glorious battle! The combat round sequence is as follows:
Attack Phase
Dice Pool Step
Reroll Step
Place Tokens Step
Defense Phase
Ranged Strike Step
Damage Step
Resolution Step
1-A Dice Pool Step
You must determine how many of each color of die you have to work with. Blue re ranged attack dice, red are melee attack dice, and green are armor dice. Add up the total dice on your character card. At this time, you may use energy to activate Instant powers to add to your dice pool. In the game there are only 7 of each color of die. If you have more than 7 die of a color, you lose these extra dice. A well balanced fighter will do much much better than a fighter who has only one area they are focusing on.
Now that you have assembled your dice pool, roll all the dice in your pool.
1-B Reroll Step
Now that all the dice have been rolled, you may reroll dice equal to your reroll value. Brandon Lightstone has a special ability which grants him 1 free reroll. For each point of reroll you have, you may reroll one die. A die can only be rerolled once, and you are bound by the second roll.
1-C Place Tokens Step
Now that all rerolls have been resolved, what have you managed to do? Compare each of the numbers on your blue dice to the "threat value" of the creature you are attempting to take down. If your result is equal to or higher than the "threat value," you have caused a wound. Place a hit token in the damage circle for each wound you have caused. Next check your red dice. For each die showing a number equal to or greater than the "threat value" of your opponent, place a hit token on the defense circle. For every green die showing a number equal to or greater than the "threat value," place an armor token on the defense circle. Place one hit token in the Attrition circle for every point of Attrition your party has.
2-A Ranged Strike Step
If the current number of damage tokens equals or exceeds the total health of the creature you are battling, the tokens on the damage circle are discarded and the creature is defeated. If there are multiple creatures in combat, then only remove the damage tokens that killed the creature. Then apply the remaining to any remaining creatures, one creature at a time. It is possible to kill multiple creatures with one good round of ranged combat. If all creatures are defeated then combat ends before they strike back.
2-B Damage Step
Now add up the combined attack values of all remaining creatures in the combat. Subtract the number of hit and armor tokens from the total attack value of the combined creatures. If the creature's number is higher, distribute wounds among your party equal to the difference.
2-C Resolution
First discard all armor tokens. Next move all hit tokens to the damage circle. Move all hit tokens in the attrition box to the damage circle. If the total damage is equal to or greater than the total health of the creature you are fighting, it is defeated and combat ends. It is possible to eliminate multiple figures in one combat with a good roll. If there are creatures still remaining after the Resolution step, another full combat sequence is completed from the Dice Pool step to Resolution step.
Pay special attention to the creatures special abilities. These will affect the combat, and are usually based on your rolls.
Example: At the end of the Reroll step, the Murloc causes you to lose 1 health for every 1 rolled on a blue or red die.
Player versus Player
In a player versus player, or PvP, situation combat is done almost the same, with a couple of exceptions. All successes are placed on your side of the board, but they count against your opponent.
1-A Dice Pool Step
The threat of an opposing player is the highest level of the attacked party plus 2.
1-B Reroll Step
This is the same as above.
1-C Place Tokens Step
This is the same as above.
After these 3 phases, the opposition get to attack. Repeat these steps until all players involved have rolled, rerolled, and placed tokens.
2-A Armor Step
This is a new phase, found only in PvP. Each faction removes all armor successes they rolled. For each success removed, you may remove one hit from your opponent's successes (ranged or melee) AND remove one token from your opponent's Attrition box. If there are more armor tokens than hits and Attrition, discard the rest with no effect.
2-B Ranged Strike Step
Count the number of successes in your damage circle. For each hit removed from this circle, the opposing faction must allocate 1 wound to one of their characters involved in the combat. If a character removes their last health token they are defeated (see above in the beginning of the Resolution section - When you are defeated). If all opposing characters are defeated, combat immediately ends, see winning a PvP combat.
2-C Resolution Step
To start this step, move all hit tokens from the defense and Attrition circles to the damage circle. Then remove, one by one, a hit token from the damage circle. Continue until one faction has run out of hit tokens. The team that is out of hit tokens must allocate the remaining hit tokens as wounds amongst themselves. If all opposing characters are defeated, combat ends, see winning a PvP combat. If there are still opposing characters, combat begins again starting at the Dice Pool step.
Winning PvP Combat
So you won? Great job. To further let the other team know how much you are in charge, you may now loot 1 item from each of the losing characters. Only teammates who survived combat may accept loot. Loot is distributed among your team as you wish, make sure everyone is in agreement. Any loot not taken is returned to the character it came from. Loot may only be taken from defeated character's bags, not from their character cards.
Winning The Game!
After the conclusion of the 30th turn, the players engage in a massive PvP to prove the dominant faction. Each player regains all health and energy, and may make final character management actions. The faction with the highest combined experience starts the PvP. All players take part and combat is resolved as normal for PvP.
Secondary victory condition. If any faction manages to defeat the Overlord before the conclusion of the 30th turn, they immediately win. No nonsense, cut and dried, total domination.
Whew. Now you know how to wage war in the land of Azeroth. Come back with your shield or on it. Return a hero!