Vital Signs

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The following information was retrieved from a classified document, transmitted by an undercover agent to the top-ranking commanders of the Capitol War Machine. The content disseminated herein is considered confidential.

A number of my reports have detailed significant threats to the security of the Capitol Megacorporation. Imperial mercenaries freelancing as pirates, packs of untrained Venusian Raptors, and even a secret order of Brotherhood Assassins… it matters not the target, as they have all been followed, scrutinized, analyzed, and ultimately laid bare before your eyes in the pages of a military brief.

All of these prior "threatening" reports, assembled by yours truly, pale in comparison to the nightmare the men and women of the Capitol Megacorporation now face.

Six months ago, I underwent an advanced process that donned me in the guise of a Cursed Legionnaire and infiltrated the first Dark Citadel on Venus, to gather insight and data on the ways and capabilities of mankind's greatest enemy. The remainder of this report focuses primarily on the behaviors and strengths (alas, there are no weaknesses that I could detect) of the Nepharite Overlord himself, Alakhai the Cunning. Future reports regarding the minions, henchman, and slaves of Alakhai will follow, but this first report is, by far, the most vital. It is and always has been my belief that the first step towards understanding (or defeating) a body is to understand (or defeat) its head. In addition, the six-month story of my infiltration bears many secrets and insights into the origin and scope of the Dark Legion, but due to the precariousness of my situation, that is also a tale that must be told elsewhere. For now, it is of the utmost import that the leaders of the Capitol Megacorporation receive and understand the details laid out in this document, lest they be at a loss when Alakhai turns his attention their way.

Alakhai stands well over seven feet in height, and there is not an ounce of fat on his heavily muscled frame. He possesses an unnatural level of vigor and fortitude that would put all but the most hardened speciman of human conditioning to shame. This is represented in the attached briefing file by the Health value of 3.

As the Supreme General and Nepharite Overlord of Venus, Alakhai is more than worthy of the rank status of Gold, making him a primary target on the battlefield, but also a significant threat to the survival of our military units.

Alakhai's armor, forged from petrified human souls, is etched in runes that tell the tale of his rise to power. This supernatural armor, combined with the natural toughness of his hide and his incredible, battle-hardened conditioning, make the Overlord of Venus extremely difficult to damage in combat. I have placed him at an armor value of 1, which is not quite as impervious as the heavy battlesuits of the Bauhaus Megacorporation (which are essentially suits of armor protecting more armor), but still enough to preserve Alakhai through anything but a powerful, focused, aggressive approach on the battlefield.

Alakhai fights with a tremendous battlesword that is nearly as long as he is tall, and this dark, demonic sword has come to be known by the name of "Meat Wolfer." His double yellow (heavy melee) attack potential represents the tremendous amount of devestation Alakhai can unleash with this sword, but the worst feature of his attack is his ability to channel the dark arts and lash out with the sword at enemies that are apparently beyond its reach. This is represented by his single green (light ranged) attack potential, and the end result is that no enemy is ever completely safe from the wrath of Alakhai's blade.

Alakhai's physical gifts, his armor, and his mastery of the sword are all daunting in and of themselves; unfortunately, they are only the beginning of the problem that Alakhai presents to the Capitol war machine. You see, he is called "Alakhai the Cunning" for a reason, and as terrible as his physical skills and vital statistics may seem, it is his mind that most worries me when I contemplate the inevitable day when we face him in battle.

As a Supreme General of the Dark Apostle of War, there is no Algeroth tactic or strategy that is beyond Alakhai's ability to employ on the battlefield. This is represented by the 3 levels of Algeroth command icons on his briefing file. Some of Alakhai's favorite tricks are a rapid charge with Beastial Speed, an area of effect attack with a Flow of Acid, and when things seem to be turning against him, a journey to the spirit realm with The Devouring Darkness. But these are only some of his tricks, and Alakhai is cunning enough to use any tactic at any time.

In addition to his own martial capabilities, Alakhai also has an uncanny ability to anticipate and defeat enemy tactics and maneuvers before that enemy has even started the move. I have come to think of this ability as a "Chaos Force," and it is an X factor that frequently swings the tides of war in Alakhai's favor.

I must be off, I can hear the heavy steps, metal and claw on stone, as my new master, Alakhai the Cunning, approaches, and I would not last long if he would find me with such a report on my screen. Signing out, I remain your faithful informer, Agent Rose.