Natural weapons and the Catalogue of Pain

By Xeldrakka, in Fireborn

Hola folks. I'm hoping there is someone around, still active in the community, to answer a question I have about dragons and combat styles. Mostly, I am curious about the use of natural weapons (claws, bites, tail whips, and gores from horned heads) in place of manufactured weapons in human martial arts forms taken from the catagologue of pain.

As the current GM of the group, I feel that the use of light claws in Knife Fighter or the use of a heavy bite in Overkill are against the spirit of the rules and battle system, even though either would technically count as the appropriate weapon type for the martial style in question. I do not wish to force the issue at the table (two players are hoping to skip Ravager in favor of Overkill), but I also look at this as a rules lawyering sort of conflict that I'm hoping there is a clear rule against elsewhere.

Either way, I'm hope someone here has some wisdom to impart. Thank you for your time. =)


sorry for the late answer. Didn't know anyone using the FFG Forums anymore. I don't have my rulebooks with me but in my Group we simply disallowed human fighting styles for Dragons. You could use them when only your hans were shifted though.

Currently we are thinking about making Dragon specific fighting styles.

We did a lot of house-ruling however. (Like Mythic Age Dragons getting XP, so you could Play for more then 5 to 10 sessions per character before overtaking your Dragon in powers)

Hope that helps.