Battlelore: Command FAQ

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Result Probabilities

A breakdown of Melee and Ranged unit combat probabilities can be found here. (Also available via the in-game help guide).


How does the multiplayer lobby work?

The player who created the game is the host and is able to change the gold limit/map. Both players can change their race by tapping the race shield and ready by tapping the next (>>) button. After both players have readied, the game will immediately load and begin. The active player has a 3 minute timer, which resets each time an input is made by the player. If the timer ever runs out, the player forfeits the match. After each game, players are sent back to the main menu and must connect to each other again.

How can I play Battlelore: Command against my friends?

Currently both you and your friend will need to own a copy of Battlelore: Command on either iOS, Android or PC. Players can connect via Local WiFI or the online multiplayer lobby. Additionally, you can use Game Center or Google Play Services to connect to your friends via your friend lists.

I have an iOS devices, but my friends are all on Android or PCs. Can we still play together?

Yes, Battlelore: Command supports cross-platform multiplayer.

The multiplayer lobby says there is a version mis-match?

If there is a version mis-match, ensure that both the hosting device and the connecting client are up-to-date.

Technical Support


If the app is crashing, please try to reboot your device. This will close all background processes and will free up RAM that is needed by the application to run.


Can my Android device run Battlelore: Command?

Battlelore: Command is a fairly demanding game that is designed to run on newer Android devices. That, coupled with the massive variety of Android hardware, makes it almost impossible to list every device that will run Battlelore: Command. Instead of limiting the software to just a small subset of devices, we leave it up to users to determine if it will run. Below are some of the recommended specs from the developers:

- A Multi-Core CPU

- 512MB of RAM

- A GPU that supports OpenGL ES 3.0 is recommended

- Android OS 4.0.3+ (API Level 15)

- Minimum Devices: Samsung Galaxy S3

- Recommended Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 or better, HTC M8, Nexus 7 (2013) or better.

Please be aware that Google Play has a two-hour refund period that should begin as soon as the app has downloaded. Please try to take advantage of this grace period to determine if the app will run properly on your device. ( )

Battlelore: Command won’t install.

There are several reasons that could be keeping the app from installing. Try the following to see if they help:

- Try clearing the cache in the App Store (Settings -> Apps -> AppStore App -> Clear Cache). Then try re-downloading/installing.

- If you have external storage, such as an SD card, try unmounting the card and installing again. (Settings -> Storage -> Unmount). When unmounted, this will force the installer to install on the main device storage.


Can my iOS device run Battlelore: Command?

Battlelore: Command is supported on the following iOS hardware:

- iPad 2, 3, 4

- iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 2

- iPad Air, Air 2

- iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus

- iPod Touch 5th Gen

Any further questions or problems, please contact us at [email protected] .