Fort Bragg, NC Area Players - Regular Monday Dust Game Night

By OriginalDomingo, in Dust Warfare Organized Play

Attention Fort Bragg area Dust Players!

After a long hiatus, Dust is back at Hit Point Hobbies in Aberdeen, NC. The store once had an active following with a group led by Cameron "Iron Joe" Akers. Sadly, local interest in the game waned after his unfortunate passing last year. So as a new player, I am trying to lead the charge to bring the game back in the area.

If you are an old player who wants to dust off the old army, come on out. If you are a new or interested player, stop on by, and I can loan you an army to try. If you are unfamiliar with Hit Point Hobbies, they have an easy going atmosphere and plenty of terrain and playing space.

Hit Point Point Hobbies
118 W Main St
Aberdeen, NC

Mondays 7pm-9pm

Check out the latest on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you there.