Multiplayer solitaire, or do I miss something?

By silenceindigo, in Blue Moon City


I'm looking for online analysis for this game , especially regarding the strategic aspects, as from my experience gameplay has several aspects of Multiplayer Solitaire and randomness, players interacting little with each other.

How much is this different from your own experiences?


I've only played once, but it didn't seem to bad.

There wasn't very much player interaction, but a person's moves certainly affect everyone else. If you spend too much time collecting crystals, then the other players will get all the cheap spots on the obelisk.

Player's choice of where to recontruct can have an effect on your plans, as you have to make a choice. Do you try to cash in on their project, or do you try to get another project all to yourself? Also, the amount of dragon scales that everyone else has collected will affect your plays.

So while there isn't a lot of player interaction, it is certainly a lot better than Alhambra , for instance.

Again, this is only after one game, so don't pay to much attention to it.

I have played this many times and it is one of my favorites. While there is not a whole lot of player interaction there is still a need to know what the other players are doing. It does have more interaction as noted by Joram than Alhambra does. It can be seen as a race to the finish line with each player competing to get the needed crystals and at the cheapest costs. Jumping over and building on another players area to cash in on some of what they had built is a good strategy. The external resources are needed to be known as well. You want to know when the Dragon scales will be used up and who will be cashing in on them. It is a quick game and can be used as a time filler in between larger FFG games and I have found it easy to teach to other players as well.

The 4 expansion tiles make for a great addition to the 4 corners of the board and although the rules that are in the free download say to randomize them with the others I have found that due to their overall power it is best left to the 4 corners to hold these tiles and that is how I always play them. It can cost a bit of shipping to get the 2 magazines required to get the expansion tiles but if you are handy at Print-n-Play then the download has the tiles you need. I made them myself and have had a lot of practive with making tiles from the various TI3 varianting I do.

Thanks for the tip; from my limited experience, much of the game appears to be puzzle-based optimisation... But Mr. Karza's game do appear to have this focus, and he's quite popular.

This game is anything but multi-player solitaire. In fact, if you try to go it solo, you are guaranteed to be the loser.

You mention a concern for lack of player interaction. What IS player interaction to you? Maybe I can answer your question better then.

You have to build buildings with the help of other people, and watch when they build things as this affects places you should be building.

Mutiplayer solitare? This is one of the more interactive Euros that doesn't involve bidding there is.

As has already been said, everything you do affects what others can (and will) do, even placing crystals in the obelisk (increases cost for others afterwards).

It's a game of opportunity. If you react well to the other players moves, play the vulture and take everything that passes, you will go straight to victory. You can nearly never plan your next turn before you see what the other player are playing.

I've only played the game once, but there's been a few times where I've had some well-laid plans spoiled by another player, and other times when I was debating on if I should do one thing or another, based solely on what I could expect the other players to try and do. While it's not as interactive as, say, BSG or Android, it's certainly not solitaire.

Multiplayer solitaire? The whole course and success of the game is based on how much you can exploit the actions of others to speed your progress.

Perhaps whoever said this is used to interaction as 4X games. You really need to take into account what you do with everyone else's actions to succeed. Blue Moon City is not Twilight Imperium 3, Starcraft or BSG.

BMC rocks. It's a solid Euro style game. Absolutely every move made by every player will have an affect on you and your decision. In my opinion it is completely interactive. It might be silent interaction... but that is entirely up to the individuals..

Thanks for the notes. How the replayablility?

wow , sounds like a great game , but i dont think i would get it , since knetzia is willing to work for wizkids , it makes me worry i would be throwing more money away based on reputation and get no good content .

I've only played the once, but we found that we had a fair amount of player interaction. At least more so than a lot of other non-coop games we've played. I think it really depends on the gaming group.