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there is any possibility that Draft Rules would be uploaded in the Support section of the "A:Netrunner Darft Play Webpage"?


Also, it would be great a list of the cards that form the card database for each of the draft sets (Cyber War & Overdrive).

Similar to the one uploaded for the Core Set:


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You're unlikely to get any official response from FFG on the forum - try sending them a direct mail using the 'contact' link at the bottom of this page.

Reply from FFG

Thanks for contacting us! We love to hear from our customers!
The draft rules will be upload in the near future to the support page, but sadly at this time we currently have no plans to post deck pools of the draft packs.
Happy gaming!

So we will have to wait...

Anyway, I don't think not uploading the pools for each set is a good idea, many people would buy them searching for the missing singles from Core Set.

You really think so? I can't imagine myself spending £10/pack to *maybe* get one or two of the missing cards, when I can spend £25 on Core #3 to definitely get all of them (plus extra copies of Hedge fund/Sure Gamble/other useful cards to have in multiple decks.

You really think so?

Yeah, I really do think so.

Furthermore is it not only the cards but the Draft experience.

Consoles and other 1x cards are expensive on iNet...

Yeah, I get the draft experience - I draft TO draft though, not to *maybe* pick up a one-of from Core. If you see a Zaibatsu go by but drafted no Ambushes, are you going to grab it just because it's a one-off? I'd rather get the card that fits the deck I'm drafting so far.

If I'm desperate to complete my collection, like I said, buying 3x Core sets is a much better proposition in terms of expenditure, and those cards are guaranteed.

EDIT if you want the full list of Cyber War cards, check out this topic in BoardGameGeek


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Do you have also the list for Overdrive?


(No news BAD NEWS)

As pointed out before, spamming this forum is not a good way to get FFG's attention.

It's probably a low priority for them since every draft pack contains the rules. There's no circumstance where you would be drafting and not have the rules on hand.

If you must refer to them right now, to paraphrase Feesh, "two minutes and Google and a wild Draft Rules appeared."


Thank you very much for the link, Grimwalker.

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