New player: Easy siege?

By Scorned, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Hi all, I've just started playing with some friends who are new to the game as well. I'm the Overlord, and I picked the Sorcerer King to start.

My question is this: My Lieutenant can get to the bottom left town (I forget the name, has the Orc Market) by turn 3 and start sieging by turn 4. The heroes cannot get to this town until they buy a boat, which means I can pretty much raze this town before they even have a chance to defend it. Is this right? Is this just part of the brutality of the game?

That is actually pretty slow start for the OL,

In the game I am playing the OL (Demon Prince) was in Nerkrehall (also can only be reached by water) in turn 1 and burned it down in turn 4.