I made custom tuckboxes for Nexus Ops if anyone is interested

By kerred, in Nexus Ops

PDF files viewable here: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/105295/sleeved-tuckboxes-ffg-recommended-sleeves

Print actual size (no scaling). Let me know what size in mm the front part printed out as if it does not print right (should be 60 x 94mm for large and 45 x 68mm for small cards).

I also included scans of the backs of the cards I made and the banner images from this site I cropped to make the tuckboxes.

They were made to fit Fantasy Flight green and yellow sleeves.

Hope they help keep things organized and prevent baggies from tearing.

Note: You can use packing tape on the printout before cutting to give the box a sturdier, shinier look.

You can either use packing tape to seal the edges, or tape/glue on the inside flaps. I personally prefer both.

You can also cut t top of the back side for 'thumb room' to slide the cards out.

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