I love Dust!

By FFG Eric Hanson, in Dust

Dust is greatly under appreciated. It has a much more strategy that more popular Global Domination games such as Risk. It adds the complexity of production managment without the time lines of Axis and Allies. It has a simple resource management without the tediusness of such games like Command and Conquer.

We should add that to our quazi-weekly game night so I can give it a whirl.

I def. need to check this one out... love the theme. :)

I concur. If Dust is added to Semi-Weekly Game Night, I might attend again. Wife, or no wife... ^_^

Yakuza said:

I concur. If Dust is added to Semi-Weekly Game Night, I might attend again. Wife, or no wife... ^_^


BTW dude. I see you like Cold War. Me too man! It's one of those games that I play regularly with a friend of mine. One of the best silver line games at least.

Any good? And should I get?

Yeah, I've been wanting to check Dust out for ages. It's just so darned expensive though...

My problem with DUST (besides the struggle to get the box open sad.gif )it that is has this

interesting theme,which the game totally ignores.You get no sense of the Weird WWII

setting its just a generic world conquest game.

If you like RISK on steroids type games go for it,but if your looking for

a game that is about the DUST world you'll be disapointed llorando.gif


Old Dwarf said:

My problem with DUST (besides the struggle to get the box open sad.gif )it that is has this

interesting theme,which the game totally ignores.You get no sense of the Weird WWII

setting its just a generic world conquest game.


That was my problem. I was expecting a huge amount of theme in the game, since I am a big fan of games FFG games such as Arkham Horror, A Game of Thrones and Tannhäuser. Unfortunately, the game mechanics don't give you a real sense of being in the world they've crafted. For my money, the superiour alternate-history game is definitely Tannhäuser.

I was happy about near no theme ingame. Just plain war. Great.

Have one of you every played with phases for all players? So all do production, all movement and then all fight? We had problems with the downtime and I think that could solve it, but I didnot tried it yet.

As long as it's three player, and not the original RISK, I'm interested. I'm going to pick this up at my lfgs next time. Fo sho :P

I love it as well and agree it is greatly under appreciated. Scratches the Axis and Allies itch without having to take forever to set up and play.

This is definately one of my favorite games. It does great as a small strategy war game and light enough to get a group together of players who are not used to large scale miniature war games.

What are the main difference between Dust/ Axis & Allies/ and Risk? I mean i get that they're difference games but what puts Dust over the top cause I play Risk with my friends and I may think about getting this if it seems to be something we may enjoy.

This offers more tactical choices than Risk but still within a framework of fairly easy rules, fast playing time, global conquest, the fun of armies sweeping across vast territories. It also adds a resource production mechanic that is well integrated and not at all cumbersome but gives more depth to the game than Risk has--again still staying within a Risk-like playing environment. It's Risk+.

On the other hand, I have to concur with earlier statements that the theme is dropped. I felt no immersion in the game world at all and felt that the Dust storyline was underused. More theme and color in the game to give a sense of actually playing in the Dust world would have been appreciated.

I was really suprised by how much I enjoy this game. It really seems like a lot of people passed it by without giving it a second look. I'm glad my girl was dead set of picking it up because it has easily become one of my favorite wargames.

i am really looking forward playing this game this weekend!!

I have played this game twice and love it. I need to find the time to play more often. I agree that it is under appreciated!

Good morning mates!

I'm erally interested in Dust, but it seems great for the background and alternative story (someone said Tannhauser?!) and so on.

But by the description in the main page of the product i don't understand how it really work. The faction, for example, is well differentiated?

The game elements, that seems really good, is well crafted? ANd the card system?

Thanks for the sneak peeks.

Keep flying,


I have the game, and I love the fluff around it, but would agree that more could have been made of the setting - in the same way that Tannhauser has succeeded better (aside from the slow release schedule).

The unfortunate thing is that the rest of my gaming group played this, one person was indifferent to it afterwards and everyone seemed to migrate to other board games that were more popular. I want to get back into a few games of Dust, and need to convince my friends using some of the points you have all suggested here!

Anyone really into the Dust world might want to check out www.twistory.com. They have all the comics and a bunch of models and toys related to the world.

I picked up Dust as a sort of gateway to wargaming and to FFG products ~ that, and I liked the theme ~ and we really enjoyed the first game we played, and look forward to bringing it to the table again.

I noticed a few people mentioning the high price, and that's pretty ironic: part of my original selection was based on price; it was much more affordable than a lot of the other FFG games I was considering, so it became the first ( others have already followed! =)

This game is marked down to $40 at our LGS . . . and I'm thinking about jumping on it.

I used to play RISK like crazy and I was looking for a good domination style game that doesn't take all day to play like Axis And Allies.

I think this game might fit that bill.

If you are into world domination games, I feel this is the one to get. It is alot better than Risk games and is more well put together than Axis & Allies. I love playing with at least four players. With that many players it keeps it pretty close with players that know what their doing. The best is when someone jumps out ahead right away, then the other players crush him in the following moves.

♥ its like risk, only better ♥i love dust♥